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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Funny that I have been featuring more of our beaches here and I am neglecting the solid grounds.  I would like to rectify the little omission.

Let us visit first the seat of government in the Province of Cebu.  We call it Cebu Provincial Capitol.  It is point zero to any places.  Situated in Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu.  It also houses in its foregrounds the Hall of Justice.

My other part-time job is located in this vicinity.  It is quite a novelty for me to walk along the avenue which is now being face-lifted.  It has the ambiance of a Paris cobble stone walks.  There are a handful of cafes lining it. 

Right at center point of the Capitol Building, stands erect and tall, the flagpole which also is the base of the kilo metric point 0.  When you stand right behind it, you get a perfect vantage point for the center island dividing the lanes.  At the base of the walkway or square fronting the building steps down into the T diverging the avenue.

The cathedral of Narra Trees standing in rows at both sides is a romantic setting in itself.  Climbers that are deliberately planted to produce thread-like vines, serves as natural blinds shielding the avenue of the torrid sun of our orient land.  In the evenings when the vintage lamp posts shines their soft lighting, it transforms the whole place into a romantic lover's lane.

Those thin vines dropping down from branches gives one an eerie feeling.  It is as though I am walking in a misty England woods (to my imagination), with mystery luring ahead.

When you are looking out from the Capitol Building,  you are confronted with the avenue I was talking about (see the picture above).

Farther ahead you will see the tallest hotel jotting out of the centuries old leafy denizens.  This is the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers.  It boasts of peering over the whole city and the neighboring Mactan Island.  The amenities and attractions are pined for by locals and visitors.  It's got the famous edge coaster which moves around the topmost edge, a ride of your life-time.  It is scary for the height phobic but many have conquered it.  Then there is the sky-walk.  It is actually a walk over a glass overhang where you can see the height all the way down.  Don't fear, you are gonna be attached to contraptions and they are sturdy.

There pool also is something to reckon at.  You would feel like spilling over the wall.  Anyway, all these are for the upper class too.  People like me boats about it through tales and other people's experience.  My brother have been there but I wasn't up to it.

To be continued.......


Jennifer Dougan said...

Lolita, hello! These photos and description look lovely. Cebu City sounds beautiful.

How are you? How are your jobs? How is your family?

Jennifer Dougan

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