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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 After the party of last night, July 7, 2011, the whole cast (except for the work colleagues) went to the beach the next day (07/08/2012).

Despite the staggered rest, the whole clan was so excited to continue Auntie Selena's 80th celebration.  This is her wish to, see almost everyone, before she returns to California.  She thinks she might not see us again.

Oh no, we are gonna pray you will still be back with
us soon and for so may years to come.

This is the venue.  I blogged this over at SIDE A.  It was my emotional and spiritual version of the occasion.

Here, I would be uploading photos as they come (from everyone), to make the event everlasting.  This will be the family album for the shared fun and laughter.

This site is the once 5-star resort hotel called CORAL REEF BEACH RESORT, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

In its glory, seldom could the locals get in and see its amenities.  This was only for the upper class few.

In its ruins now, one can ask permission from the right people and you can get the pass.  We are so lucky and blessed to be able to use the fine beach.  And to our own exclusive privilege too.  Because it is guarded the spot is not so crowded...... only those given the pass.

Anyway, even without the flowing water, no comfortable benches (so sorry I did not bring a mat to spread on the ground), plus no rest rooms.... we made the most of the day.  The highlight should go to the get-together time and fun for the young ones.  The young "once" whiled away the time by updating with each other's life especially those far away from one much fun, we had.

For what I have been longing about the long gone bare beaches of my youth, here I am pining for comfort.  Oh, I must say this old bones have given to the wear of time.  Mind you, this actually how our ecru beaches looked like in my day.  Just the sand, grassy patches under the swaying palm trees.  The days of charm and innocence showed its smiling face to this Filmore perfumed lady.  I had to say hello to yesterday.  The balmy breeze sparked the reverie.

We are happy for the children because it was all they wanted, freedom, sand, sea and the sun.  Charred were the small kiddos, seven shades of brown.  They never wanted to get out even for food.  Ice creams got seasoned with salt as they prefer to run back to sea while licking their cones.

It was fun and it was cool.  Shared moments of family should be cherished to eternity.



Joy said...

Nice bonding time her too Sis Lolita:)

LOLITA said...

Thanks for peeking in here, Sis Joy.

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Glad you could come. Your company is highly honored. Linger awhile and let's know each other better. Mabuhay!