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Monday, March 3, 2008

This is a map of Mactan Island. I grew up in this island when it was still just an island full of white beaches and when life was simpler. You can just camp at any sandy shore and have a picnic without anybody asking for a fee. 

There were stretches and stretches of fine sands and palm trees.

 Not like today where the beaches are now privately owned and hotel based. I long for that phase of the island but we could not hold on to it because there are some benefits to change and progress. More island folks are employed and some businesses boom due to tourist influx. 

Then also came the Economic Processing Zone. More migrations are noted and the island became a haven of workers form all over the country. Gone are the wide strips of cornfields. In its place are various mode of housing facilities for the workers to rent. Well, this is called progress.

A lovely sunset at Maribago Beach





Diane Ronzino said...

So excited to learn of your homeland! WAHOO!

Lolita said...

Thanks, D. I am happy I got one visitor. This was opened way back for travel info..... But I abandoned this one too. When I started to write, I also updated this site.

If I get time, I will put news of our island.

Martha Herden said...

Sorry for being this late to view these beautiful images of your island.

PLEASE continue sharing this beauty with us all. The pictures are breath-taking and what a blessing this is for you to call this place HOME.

Love and blessings. Martha

Lolita said...

Thank you, Martha. I will soon be posting some more photos.

Our family just had a recent island-hopping trip-cum-beach outing 03.24.2012.

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